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Gasoline prices: On 7 March 2005 I noticed the price at the pumps was 5.97 pesos per liter (6.60 on 10 Oct 2007, 10.30 on 1 Nov 2012). In other words, it would cost about USD $35 to fill the tank on a typical small car like the taxi below. Pemex is the only gas station in Mexico and the prices are stable.

You would think that buying a car would be easy. You just go to a car dealership and voila! That�s true for a new car but for used cars the situation is much more difficult. In our opinion they are overpriced at the car dealers.

You must have an FM3 or FM2 Immigration permit to register a Mexican vehicle. You won't get plates without it.

On private transactions, you need to be certain that the used car is not stolen or has some lien on it by a bank or government agency.

Every Sunday there is a used car show in a field at the intersection of Kabah and Coba Avenues (at the stadium parking lot). Here, locals simply park their cars in a giant parking lot and you can walk around looking.

Getting a drivers licence is a major ordeal. You need to have photos, a work permit, an existing licence from home. You will travel around to various counters getting a ton of paperwork filled out. They give you an eye exam, blood test, all kinds of things. And then they take your photo again, even after you brought your own (the photos you brought get used on your file folder, the photos they take get used for your licence. Don�t ask!). One year they made people sit through a cartoon about safe driving.

Update: In 2005 the Transito changed the rules to only issue a drivers licence up until the time of expiry on your FM2 or FM3.

Yes there is a critter in the back seat of this Cancun cab. He was on his way to the Hotel Zone... no kidding.

Taking cabs in town is cheap. Only 25 pesos (about USD 2.00) and buses are only 7 pesos (as of Nov 2012). Getting the licence plates for your car is another long story. Insurance is the easy part.

It is best to take someone with you when you go for all these things. Someone from Cancun Assist can help you for a nominal fee. Give us a day or 2 notice, tell us what language you prefer, and we�ll send someone to pick you up and take you around.

By the way, used cars seem to be much higher priced here than they are in the US or Canada. I have no idea why.

Another interesting point is that they charge you a vehicle tax each year when your plates are due for renewal. This tax is very high for the first 2 years and then it goes down rapidly as the car gets older. Keep this in mind when buying a new or used car. Automatic transmissions and air conditioning seem to affect the tax price too.
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