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Health Care in Cancun Mexico

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There is a national health care system in Mexico but in my opinion seperate medical insurance is necessary.

There are public and private hospitals in Mexico. Dr. Mike McFall is no longer in Cancun, however Dr. Jim Goodwin arrived in January 2007.

I used to use a company in Europe that provided excellent coverage for foreigners living in Mexico. You can pick any hospital on the planet that you want to use and they will cover it. So if you really get sick and need a heart transplant or something you get the best possible care.

The European company will not take everybody as a client. For example, if you have had a heart attack I don't think they will cover you. My insurance broker in Mexico City has alternative choices.

If you want more info on this just email and tell him a few tidbits of information such as your age and general health (no need to get too specific).

Elias is my broker in Mexico City and he is the Director General of an insurance brokerage (might as well go right to the top). Ask him for info on the Denmark plan and mention that your are associated with Cancun Assist.

Elias has staff that speak Spanish, English, French, and Hebrew. You can feel confident in telling him about your medical history etc. Let me know how it works out... feedback is important to keep these pages up to date and useful. A few people have said sometimes email does not get through to him.

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