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Cancun - visiting and moving here. Everything you need to know about Cancun life is on this site.

Hi. I'm Scott Wilson - the webmaster and creator of this site. Many people have asked, �Scott can you post a clear picture of you so we can recognize you when we meet?� Okay, here is one taken in Feb 2006 with Alicia Hilton (wife of my buddy Gene Hilton) - taken at La Taberna of course.

I was in the Canadian Military for 10 years and was stationed in Germany. Someone had a great idea... you had a �sponsor� to help you settle in on your new posting. They took you on a tour of apartments, helped you to find a car, told you the driving regulations, the customs of the country, dangerous areas, tips and things to watch for, etc. Cancun Assist works the same way. You have friends down here that can help you get settled.

We'll drive you around town, introduce you to all the things you need to know, and help you with the paperwork and other problems. We have developed some nominal suggested fees for many of these things - we are a non profit group. So let's get started. Click the On Vacation button at the top.

If you are just getting into town you can book a hotel room on-line at savings of up to 70% by clicking on the Hotel Bookings button above.

So where do we fit in? Cancun Assist is primarily a group of non-Mexicans who are all living in Cancun. Most of us have been here for several years. It is a hobby for us, but we accept small tips for finding you an apartment, buying a car, etc. Just cover our expenses and we are happy to help out.

We suggest that you take several trips to Cancun on vacation before "making the move".

Cancun is an exciting place. Things are happening here and there is so much to do that you cannot become bored.

You are going be living in one of the finest tourist destinations on the planet. It's perpetual July and Cancun will get into your heart so much that you will wonder why you ever lived anywhere else. You feel alive here and refreshed every day.

The food is great, the nightlife fabulous, quiet beaches are only a water taxi away. It's life in the tropics under palm trees and tropical breezes... and it's not expensive to live here! I'm paying USD $60 a year for house taxes, USD $5 a month for water (no, that is not a typo), and around USD $70 a month for electricity.

We call ourselves �expatriates' and after a few months you'll get to meet many of us (this does not mean we are ex-patriotic).

It isn't all beaches and fun though so read through the pages on the site to learn how to overcome most pitfalls �newbies� make.

Think of Cancun Assist as your personal �Concierge Desk.� If you find that we are helpful or have done something to really help you out, a �tip� is appreciated - but remember, this is a hobby.


The first and most important item is Immigration. Without the proper documents you cannot do much. We suggest you read the Immigration section first, then proceed with the other items on the above menu.

If you plan to work in Cancun you will need to stay under the tourist FMT until you get an offer of employment. At that point we can advise you on how to proceed to get the FM3. Do not start to work until you have been approved by Immigration.

Whatever your case, you should try to process the FM3 yourself. There is typically a government licence fee of USD $130 to $250 depending on your country of origin. If you decide to leave the country during the processing of your FM3 you need to tell Immigration so they can give you a letter of authorization. When you finally get the FM3, don't forget to fill out the departure form at the airport or you will have some explaining to do when you return!

We no longer help people to obtain an FM3. It is just too time consuming and each case is different. Besides, this is a volunteer �not for profit� web site that is designed to be a hobby. We ourselves don�t want to appear that we are running some kind of paralegal office.

In any case, please email and we�ll be happy to help out in any way we can. The paperwork required for the FM3 is listed on a form when you first arrive at Immigration. Basically you must have a passport, and if applying for a retirement FM3 then some form of proof of income. If applying for a working FM3 then you need a job offer and an acceptance letter by you.

Things fall into place rapidly once you get the FM3. You need it to get a drivers licence, car, apartment (with some recent exceptions), and a bank account.

You can now have a US or Canadian phone number while in Cancun. Just connect this "gizmo" to your Cancun Prodigy or Cablemas high bandwidth internet connection, connect a normal house phone, and receive and make calls just like you were in the US or Canada. I bought their 15 buck a month package for 500 minutes of free calling anywhere in the US and Canada. Buy the gizmo and bring it with you when you come. Click the link below to get more info.... Scott

Vonage cheap phone calls from Cancun

Hurricane Frances on 2nd Sept 2004 compliments of NOAA. This category 4 hurricane is typical of things we must look for in Aug/Sep/Oct when living here.One of the things that troubles me about these images is the beauty of it all from space.So serene! I studied the picture to "feel" just how far it is from Toronto to Cancun. Florida and Cuba so close to us.

But lurking below is the devastating effects that such beauty can have on any population. Please be prepared when such a devastating event is looming on the horizon. We DO have plenty of notice with todays technology. Click on the image and it will appear as an extremely hi-res image you can save as a wonderful desktop background. Think of it though as a killer and let Frances serve as a warning to be aware of Mother Nature.

Hurricane Francis

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